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  • Title: The Portrait of Lady Anne
  • Release year: 1912
  • Director:
  • Actors: Florence La Badie, Justus D. Barnes, William Russell, Carl M. Leviness, Harry Benham
  • Movie length: 15 min.
  • Movie genres: Short; Drama; Fantasy

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This story is not only a top-quality must watch and stunning film, but it's destined to be a classic. Mainly it is a really entertaining film. Don't wait an awesome directing or good acting or a good scripting because that's not what this film is about. If you just need to sit and just watch a picture on a Friday evening just to have a silent time then this can be a decent option. The Portrait of Lady Anne film was produced in 1912 and it belongs to Fantasy genre. Stars as Justus D. Barnes, William Russell make this Fantasy film so great. It is true, The Portrait of Lady Anne is one of the greatest film in Fantasy style in 1912. Such actors like Justus D. Barnes, William Russell made this amazing film even more better. Movie length: 15 mins. Hope that you 100% will like this show. 8) Bookmark this link and share.

This film was the top in 1912. Cool soundtrack, superior picture.

World-class actors giving good performances but the movie plot is repetitive and rather predictable.

Oh, The Portrait of Lady Anne is cool, it is one of the most wonderful of all films in Fantasy genre. It is our advice to watch the film and the acting of such a great famous actors like: Florence La Badie, Justus D. Barnes would impress you so much. All actors are acting really wonderful but the acting of Florence La Badie is somethings unordinary and sometimes even unbelievable. Duration of the film is: 15 minutes. Get tons of delightful impressions during so nice pastime with The Portrait of Lady Anne.

Cool actors, fantastic movie and unforgettable cinematography. May deserve a sequel and even a remix with new technologies. It's charming and has got a really nice visual style, with Florence La Badie performing in the movie. Florence La Badie, Justus D. Barnes have done a great job acting in this film.

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