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  • Title: Nobody Knows Anything!
  • Release year: 2003
  • Movie genres: Comedy
  • Director: William Tannen
  • Actors: Linda Black, Alan Blumenfeld, Carmine Caridi, Margaret Cho, Peter Cohen, Stephen Colbert, Mike Connors, Paul Dooley, Murphy Dunne, Robert Englund, William Tannen
  • Movie length: 88 min.

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Nobody Knows Anything! film has a pretty fantastic cast, some really stunning action.

Nobody Knows Anything! is so monotonous movie. We think, one of the worst actions of 2003. The duration is 88 m of uninteresting stuff with bad acting of Linda Black and other Linda Black, Alan Blumenfeld, Mike Connors. You don't believe in things they are doing, you don't believe in speeches of theirs, you don't believe in feelings that they are playing. We want to say with 100% confidence that Nobody Knows Anything! is one of the most tedious and uninteresting actions in Comedy. The rating of the film are so low. Watch the film if you have a lot of free time and want to spend 88 m of your life.

U would not ever regret about examining Nobody Knows Anything! in the Comedy genre! Everything in the action of the year 2003 looks amazing and actors really know how to make us feeling so excited and like in the reality from examining all the stuff they are performing on the stage. Here you would see how such a nice actors like Linda Black, Alan Blumenfeld, Mike Connors are playing their roles so great. Whole running time of the movie is 88 m but you would feel them like some very interesting plans. Our rating for Nobody Knows Anything! is 10 of 10!

Loved the picture! It was really great. Thrilling, not creepy. The actors were good. I liked the visuals. The movie was beautiful. I expected this was going to be more of a brutal movie, but it is not. I was shocked I liked it much! If you like Comedy, "Nobody Knows Anything!" is for you. Truly recommend!

We hope that you will enjoy this flick. It is just my IMHO.

Why was the picture bad? I think it's a really fair picture, it was not dumb, there were fun parts in story, its quality is really cool. I liked it! Oh, Nobody Knows Anything! is cool, it is one of the most excellent of all films in Comedy genre. It is our advice to watch the film and the acting of such a wonderful famous actors like: Paul Dooley, Linda Black, Alan Blumenfeld, Mike Connors would bring you a lot of positive emotions. All actors are acting really wonderful but the acting of Paul Dooley is really something unordinary and sometimes unbelievable. Length of the film is: 88 m. You'll get a lot of delightful emotions during unforgettable pastime with Nobody Knows Anything!. If you are crazy about Comedy movies with much of world-class action then Nobody Knows Anything! is the best film for you. ;-) We hope that you will fall in love in Nobody Knows Anything! movie. Thank you.