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  • Title: Dr. Lamb
  • Release year: 1992
  • Movie genres: Action; Crime; Horror; Thriller
  • Director: Danny Lee; Hin Sing 'Billy' Tang
  • Actors: Danny Lee, Simon Yam, Kent Cheng, Pik Yu Chung, Si Man Hui, Eric Kei, Emily Kwan, Hoi-Shan Lai, Siu-Ming Lau, Julie Lee, Dave Lam Jing, King-Kong Lam, Danny Lee, Hin Sing 'Billy' Tang
  • Movie length: 89 min.

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Dr. Lamb is a amazing movie especially for fans of Hin Sing 'Billy' Tang, Siu-Ming Lau, Si Man Hui. Great effects, good written, wonderful direction, and great acted.

Great actors giving powerful performances but this storyline is repetitive and predictable.

You would certainly would like Dr. Lamb if you like movies of this genre. It is one of the most wonderful films in the Crime genre and you would get a lot of fantastic impressions during streaming. Hin Sing 'Billy' Tang, Siu-Ming Lau, Si Man Hui are acting so wonderful here and a lot of moments of the film are catchy. Dr. Lamb is one of the most anticipated movies of 1992. Acting of Hin Sing 'Billy' Tang, Siu-Ming Lau, Si Man Hui makes this film even better. Duration: 89 m. Get tons of enjoyment from watching Dr. Lamb picture.

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Just my IMHO. This film is just a nice for one time watch. It could have been a cool movie but they killed it with that archaic picture. A lot of action, adventure and betrayal. Just watch it super underrated. My favourite Action picture. I really like this film and I am not interested about what someone else think about the "Dr. Lamb" film because I like it so much! Can't wait any longer for checking up HQ and striking film? Then you can't be against of spending tons of delightful time with Dr. Lamb, the fascinating movie of year 1992. It is definitely so cool for all devotees of Action niche and if you are one of them then start getting pleasure with it right here! Nice acting of Danny Lee, Julie Lee, Hoi-Shan Lai would bring you at cloud seven. The movie duration is 89 minutes. I hope that you 100% will enjoy this movie. It is just my imho.