Streaming Konets Sankt-Peterburga 1927 full movie

  • Title: Konets Sankt-Peterburga
  • Release year: 1927
  • Director: Vsevolod Pudovkin
  • Actors: Aleksandr Chistyakov, Vera Baranovskaya, Ivan Chuvelyov, V. Obolensky, Sergei Komarov, Viktor Tsoppi, Aleksei Davor, Vladimir Fogel, Aleksandr Gromov, Nikolay Khmelyov, Vsevolod Pudovkin
  • Movie length: 85 min.
  • Movie genres: Drama

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This is one movie I'd absolutely recommend to families with elementary school aged children. It's not extra trashy or bad in my own opinion. The casting is good too, V. Obolensky is excellent for the role, very credible and fitting for this character.

I hope you 100% will love Konets Sankt-Peterburga action. Good luck. 8)

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