Watch Mr. Moto's Gamble 1938 movie

  • Title: Mr. Moto's Gamble
  • Release year: 1938
  • Director: James Tinling
  • Actors: Peter Lorre, Keye Luke, Dick Baldwin, Lynn Bari, Douglas Fowley, Jayne Regan, Harold Huber, Max 'Slapsie Maxie', Rosenbloom, John Hamilton, George E. Stone, James Tinling
  • Movie length: 72 min.
  • Movie genres: Crime; Drama; Mystery

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If you like watching Drama movies and interested in relaxing with a good film then Mr. Moto's Gamble would for sure make you impressed so much! Mr. Moto's Gamble film came to cinemas in year 1938 and the nice playing of such nice actors like Max 'Slapsie Maxie', Peter Lorre makes it excellent. Just become a lucky witness of all interesting stuff that take place in Mr. Moto's Gamble and you would understand that you haven't ever examined something as cool before. The duration of the film is 72 min. We are sure that you would get pleasure from the time you spent watching it. Yeah, this film was one of the best in 1938. Good soundtrack, great quality. There are so many exciting movies in Drama genre that were released in 1938 but we are sure that Mr. Moto's Gamble is one of the best of them all! Now you should just watch all stuff that take place and wait for you to be examined here and there are no doubts that you would not stay indifferent or some other things like that. Duration of Mr. Moto's Gamble is 72 min. Such wonderful actors like Max 'Slapsie Maxie', Peter Lorre are playing here and their acting is convincing. The director definitely made right choice with Max 'Slapsie Maxie' that is the actor of the main role of the film and makes it looks outstanding and nice. I hope that you will love this film. It is just my opinion.

I enjoyed this movie from beginning to end. Mr. Moto's Gamble film is a very decent movie, filled with much of good action. I give this Mr. Moto's Gamble picture my maximal recommendations. It's a must-see for everybody with just a remote interest in the movie. This picture ends more bravely than it started, with a final fifteen min that will haunt and horrify you for sure. You will definitely get so many of cool feelings and will fall in love with acting of George E. Stone, Keye Luke during watching Mr. Moto's Gamble, one of the best of all Drama movies of 1938. The main idea of Mr. Moto's Gamble is cool and acting of George E. Stone makes it so realistic and so good. Our rate of the film is 10 from 10 and we strongly recommend everyone to start enjoying with it right now! There are only 72 minutes that will bring you tons of so great pleasurable impressions. Don't wait. Go and begin watching this film right now. Do not hesitate to like film.