Download The Refrigerator 1991 movie for free

  • Title: The Refrigerator
  • Release year: 1991
  • Director: Nicholas Jacobs
  • Actors: Julia McNeal, Dave Simonds, Phyllis Sanz, Angel Caban, Nena Segal, Jaime Rojo, Alex Trisano, Peter Justinus, Karen Wexler, Michael Beltran, Nicholas Jacobs
  • Movie length: 86 min.
  • Movie genres: Comedy; Fantasy; Horror

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Interesting emotional and really fun. Great special effects for a low budget film. Normal acting a good surprise around every minute. The Refrigerator is telling witnesses a really interesting story and together with great acting of Phyllis Sanz, Angel Caban, Alex Trisano, Dave Simonds, Nena Segal, this film brings tons of wonderful emotions to every person who watched it. This is one of the best films of Phyllis Sanz and you would like so much everything that are going to take place here. The Refrigerator the most anticipated films of 1991. You would realize why after watching it. Length of The Refrigerator is: 86 minutes. We think you would not regret about this right choice and about examining the film. If you are so crazy about Horror movies with some fantastic action then The Refrigerator is the best movie for you. Hey! Still waiting? We know that you will enjoy this film.

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