Watch Blondie's Holiday movie online

  • Title: Blondie's Holiday
  • Release year: 1947
  • Movie genres: Comedy
  • Director: Abby Berlin
  • Actors: Penny Singleton, Arthur Lake, Larry Simms, Marjorie Ann Mutchie, Jerome Cowan, Grant Mitchell, Sid Tomack, Mary Young, Jeff York, Bobby Larson, Abby Berlin
  • Movie length: 67 min.

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This film has mainly all the makings of the best motion picture. It has an unusual location, a different crisp plot, a lot of action, and a beautiful woman. Despite the lack of either the script producers or creator to create great characters, the plot, action and scenery were full to carry the movie to where it would be satisfying. Blondie's Holiday film is released in 1947 and belongs to Comedy genre. I spent a lot of weeks to collect all these 100% free links to this movie. Such good actors as Grant Mitchell, Bobby Larson, Jeff York, Jerome Cowan, Penny Singleton made the film so fantastic. If you are so crazy about Comedy films with much of fantastic action then Blondie's Holiday is the best film for you. Hope that you 100% will take pleasure in this movie. :-) Bookmark this movie and share with friends.

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I was stunned to see many pessimistic opinions, many people are really not possible to entertain. This movie was 67 minutes long but completely captivating, and I enjoy how the creators weren't frightened to take chances. I have seen a lot of other user reviews that claim that there's no plot. Unless you're psychologically handicapped or not paying attention because you're on your phone the whole movie, the storyline is pretty clear, and decent this is my opinion.

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