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  • Title: The Amazing Adventure
  • Release year: 1917
  • Director: Burton George
  • Actors: Roberta Wilson, Charles Perley, Myrtel Gillette, Hayward Mack, Burton George
  • Movie length: 63 min.
  • Movie genres: Short; Comedy; Drama

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Actions in Short category bring you so many wonderful positive impressions? Then get congratulations because now u have just found the greatest movies of year 1917 in this category. The Amazing Adventure is a cool film and there are a lot of famous actors like Charles Perley, Hayward Mack, Myrtel Gillette, Burton George, Roberta Wilson who are acting in a great way. Running time of the film is 63 minutes that allow you to get pleasure watching catchy scenes with Charles Perley in main role. Do you want to watch #1 movie tonight? The Amazing Adventure Short picture was released in mid 1917. Charles Perley, Hayward Mack, Myrtel Gillette, Burton George, Roberta Wilson make this picture fantastic to see. Just my conclusion. I am gonna keep this short: The Amazing Adventure blew me away! Full of action, drama and movement. Just stream it it's very undervalued. My favorite Short flick. I really loved this flick and I am not interested about what you think about the "The Amazing Adventure" flick because I like it so much! Have any comments? Submit them into our comment. You have to sign in.

If you are so crazy about Drama movies with some world-class action then The Amazing Adventure is one of the best film for you.

There are tons of attention grabbing movies in Drama genre that were released in 1917 but we are sure that The Amazing Adventure is one of the best of them all! You should just see all stuff that take place and wait for you to be checked up in the movie and there are no doubts that you would not stay disappointed or some other things like that. Length of The Amazing Adventure is 63 min. Such famous actors like Myrtel Gillette, Charles Perley are playing here and their acting is nice. The director made right choice with Myrtel Gillette that is the main actor of the movie and that is making it looking unordinary and great.

Famous stars as Myrtel Gillette, Charles Perley make this Drama picture fantastic. It is true, The Amazing Adventure is one of the greatest picture in Drama category in 1917. Stars like Myrtel Gillette, Charles Perley made this fantastic flick even greater. The Amazing Adventure was made in 1917 and released under Drama category. Movie's time is 63 min.

I definitely adored this flick. It was sharp, powerful and emotional. Also delivering fun when needed, but it was a comparably dark movie. All of the celebrities expressed strong performances and the actors continue to be perfectly suited. This is maybe the best flicks ever made.

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