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  • Title: Dirty Gertie from Harlem USA
  • Release year: 1946
  • Director: Spencer Williams
  • Actors: Francine Everett, Don Wilson, Katherine Moore, Alfred Hawkins, David Boykin, L.E. Lewis, Inez Newell, Piano Frank, John King, Shelly Ross, Spencer Williams
  • Movie length: 65 min.
  • Movie genres: Drama

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Dirty Gertie from Harlem USA would show you an interesting and really exciting story with acting of very famous and best actors like: Piano Frank, Francine Everett, Alfred Hawkins, John King, Shelly Ross. And you would certainly like to watch the film because it is one of the engaging films in Drama genre. Acting of Piano Frank makes it really unordinary and very cool. For sure, Dirty Gertie from Harlem USA is one of the best films of 1946. Length: 65. We can tell for sure that you would get a lot of enjoyment from time with Dirty Gertie from Harlem USA. The flick provides good and well made adventure, though, it's hardly modern. What do you think why Dirty Gertie from Harlem USA from Drama genre got the average mark from us? Because it is the very average and you would not find many interesting things to watch in it. If you got a lot of boring free time and interested to spend 65 minutes of it then this film of year 1946 is your opportunity to spend it in a little bit more pleasurable way. But we think, the acting of Piano Frank in main role and well-known Piano Frank, Francine Everett, Alfred Hawkins, John King, Shelly Ross in other roles is not nice at all. Hey! Still waiting? We know that you are going to take pleasure in this film.

It's a amazing film exclusively for fans of Don Wilson, Alfred Hawkins, Francine Everett, John King. Cool effects, well written, good production, and good acted. The is one movie I'd definitely recommend to families with middle school aged kids. It's not super cheesy or foolish in my own opinion. The plot is good too, Don Wilson is excellent for the role, very straight and fitting for this personality. Nothing and nobody could prevent you from enjoying from examination Dirty Gertie from Harlem USA if you are looking forward to watch the greatest of all films in Drama niche. The movie of 1946 with excellent producing of well-known director and so wonderful convictive actor play of famous actors like: Don Wilson, Alfred Hawkins, Francine Everett, John King and Don Wilson in a main role makes Dirty Gertie from Harlem USA so nice and so impressive. The running time of the movie is 65 minutes but you would feel a little bit disappointed about the end of the movie because it is so nice. You would love the movie very much, we give you 100% guarantee. Hope that you will love this film. 8) Bookmark this link and share.