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  • Title: Down to Earth
  • Release year: 1917
  • Director: John Emerson
  • Actors: Douglas Fairbanks, Eileen Percy, Gustav von Seyffertitz, Charles McHugh, Charles K. Gerrard, William H. Keith, Ruth Allen, Fred Goodwins, Florence Mayon, Herbert Standing, John Emerson
  • Movie length: 71 min.
  • Movie genres: Comedy; Romance

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The is one flick I'd definitely recommend to families with late school aged kids. It's not overly trashy or dumbed down in my personal opinion. The casting is great too, William H. Keith is perfect for the role, very straight and decent for this role. Interested in having great time with some Comedy film? Watch Down to Earth with William H. Keith in main role and other great actors like: William H. Keith, Douglas Fairbanks, Fred Goodwins and you would not regret about making this choice. This is one of the most exciting and really best of all films in 1917 and we strongly recommend you to examine it now. The running time of the movie is 71 min and you would regret a little bit that it lasts no longer. Do you need to watch top-quality scene this night? We think that you 100% will like this flick. It is just my opinion.

Down to Earth is a good film especially for fans of Charles K. Gerrard, William H. Keith, Gustav von Seyffertitz, John Emerson. Cool effects, well written, good filming, and well acted. Maybe one of the best fun I've had while watching a flick in years. Yes, the action pressure was number one, but it was definitely worth the price of admission. Surely, there were incredible, hopeless, even cheesy moments, but I have to say, it wasn't a bad film. Why 7 stars instead of, say, 10? Because, over the past 5 years, there is been lots of perhaps great flicks that it is excellent to finally find one that deserves your while. Highly recommended! If you truly like examining Comedy films and wish to spend time with a wonderful film then Down to Earth would definitely impress you very much! Down to Earth film released in year 1917 and the wonderful playing of such famous actors like Charles K. Gerrard, William H. Keith, Gustav von Seyffertitz, John Emerson makes it looking so nice and so impressive. You should just be a lucky witness of all so cool things that take place in Down to Earth and you would realize that you have not watched something like that before. The duration of the film is 71 mins. We think that you would like the time you spent checking it. We hope that you 100% will like this action. 8) Like this film and share with friends.