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  • Title: The Eight Escorts
  • Release year: 1980
  • Movie genres: Action; Mystery
  • Director: Hsueh Li Pao
  • Actors: Wai-Man Chan, Mien Fang, Feng Hsu, Ching Ku, Danny Lee, Lily Li, Ching-Shun Mao, Kuang Kao, Li-pao Ou, Tao-liang Tan, Hsueh Li Pao
  • Movie length: 90 min.

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Filming is done right with fantastic areas and a great characters and a remarkable story could be bad??? In case that you accept that Hsueh Li Pao make action that you see on the movie you probably is crazy! The good thing in this The Eight Escorts movie is interesting to watch! But Hsueh Li Pao is really unusual and improves the movie, but the character is a bit strange. Bored with monotonous free time? Do you want to spend a lot of nice time watching some exciting Mystery action? Then you should listen to our advice and to start with watching The Eight Escorts. The action is demonstrating you very interesting and so attention grabbing story that would not leave you disappointed. You would dive into the world of feelings, emotions and passions. We know that you will love this action so much and The Eight Escorts would become your favorite action in the Mystery genre too. Actors: Hsueh Li Pao, Wai-Man Chan, Mien Fang, Ching Ku. The action length: 90 m. I liked the movie from start to finish. The Eight Escorts movie is a very nice movie, that filled with some great action. Hope that you will like this show. ;) Tweet this link and share.

The film has got a really good cast, some very good production.

Nothing would stop you from examining The Eight Escorts if you want to watch the greatest of all actions in Mystery genre. The action of 1980 with wonderful producing of well-known director and great convictive actor play of well-known actors like: Lily Li, Danny Lee and Lily Li in a main role makes The Eight Escorts so nice and so exciting. The running time of the action is 90 min but you feel a little bit disappointed about the end of the action because it is so wonderful. You would like the action very much, we give you 100% guarantee.

The Eight Escorts is a very average film and that is why it gets average rating from us and from people who watched it. This is a action in Mystery genre with standard acting of famous actors like Lily Li, Danny Lee. It is possible to find some nice ideas that are opened in it but so many pieces of the action are not done well at all. So, if you have free time and interested in watching The Eight Escorts from 1980 with running time 90 min then you could do it.

The reviews I have been reading and checking on other sites are so unacceptable that I had to go watch for myself. I would rank the film as 6/10. I've got what I predicted. I was actually surprised!

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