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  • Title: Staircase
  • Release year: 1969
  • Movie genres: Comedy; Drama; Romance
  • Director: Stanley Donen
  • Actors: Rex Harrison, Richard Burton, Cathleen Nesbitt, Beatrix Lehmann, Michael Rogers, Royston Starr, Jake Kavanagh, Dermot Kelly, Gordon Heath, Avril Angers, Stanley Donen, Neil Wilson
  • Movie length: 96 min.

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Staircase movie was produced in 1969 and it belongs to Romance category. Such actors as Rex Harrison, Neil Wilson, Richard Burton make this Romance movie exclusive. It is true, Staircase is one of the greatest movie in Romance category in 1969. Such actors like Rex Harrison, Neil Wilson, Richard Burton made this great film even better. Movie running time: 96 minutes. Staircase movie is a pretty decent movie, filled with some fantastic action. If u really love watching Romance movies and interested in relaxing with a good action then Staircase will for sure make you excited very much! Staircase action released in year 1969 and the nice playing of such well-known actors like Rex Harrison, Neil Wilson, Richard Burton makes it looking excellent. Just be a lucky witness of all so cool stuff that take place in Staircase and you would certainly understand that you have not watched something as cool before. The running time of the action is 96 m. We think that you would get enjoyment from the time you spent examining it. We think you 100% will love Staircase action. Cheers. ;-)

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Staircase film belongs to Romance genre and was produced in 1969. ;) Fast sense of Staircase gonna make you feel good while watching the film. You should watch it with girlfriend online. Such stars like Beatrix Lehmann, Rex Harrison, Michael Rogers, Jake Kavanagh, Dermot Kelly made the film truly fantastic. Yes, Staircase film is truly one of the hottest film in Romance genre in 1969. Movie running time is 96 min.

Amazing sense of Staircase picture gonna take all your mind while watching it for free with your girlfriend ;). Beatrix Lehmann is performing in this Romance movie so good and this is why you will enjoy watching it every time! It is a fantastic movie and does not give you a pain. This movie has so many great moments, you will not forget.

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