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  • Title: Mermaids of Tiburon
  • Release year: 1962
  • Movie genres: Fantasy
  • Director: John Lamb
  • Actors: George Robotham, Diane Webber, Gaby Martone, Timothy Carey, Jose Gonzales-Gonzales, John Mylong, Gil Barreto, Nani Morrissey, Judy Edwards, Vicki Kantenwine, John Lamb
  • Movie length: 76 min.

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If you are so crazy about Fantasy movies with some superior action then Mermaids of Tiburon is the best film for you.

You will definitely like to have delight with Mermaids of Tiburon that is one of the best Fantasy actions of 1962. Main actors of the movie: George Robotham, Judy Edwards, Nani Morrissey, Gil Barreto. They are playing their roles in a wonderful way bringing us a lot of delight from seeing how nicely they could play. It is the most catchy of actions of George Robotham. Running time of the movie is: 76 m and these m couldn't leave you disappointed or something else!

Mermaids of Tiburon is so dull movie. In our opinion, one of the most boring actions of 1962. The duration is 76 m of boring content with bad acting of George Robotham and other George Robotham, Judy Edwards, Nani Morrissey, Gil Barreto. You don't believe in things they are doing, it is impossible to believe in dialogs, you don't believe in emotions that they are playing. It is possible to say without any hesitations that Mermaids of Tiburon is one of the most boring and uninteresting actions in Fantasy. That is why the rating of the action are very low. Watch the action if you have not got what to do and just to spend 76 m of life.

Mainly this is a nice picture for fans of George Robotham. It starts pretty fast, does slow up a bit in middle. Action is satisfying although I really didn't like some scenes redundant use of static scenes that was another reason why I docked another point but after all it was fun. Mermaids of Tiburon I loved a lot and found it to be straightforward to follow.

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If you are crazy about Fantasy movies with much of superior action then Mermaids of Tiburon is the best movie for you.

What do you assume why Mermaids of Tiburon from Fantasy category got the average rating from us? Because it is the very average and there are not a lot of interesting things to watch in it. But if you have got a lot of boring free time and want to waste 76 m of it then this film of year 1962 is your chance to spend it in more delightful way. But we think, the acting of John Mylong in main role and outstanding John Mylong, Vicki Kantenwine, Gil Barreto, Jose Gonzales-Gonzales, Timothy Carey in other roles isn't nice at all.

I'm gonna keep this brief: Mermaids of Tiburon is just fantastic! If I should add just 1 thing that really shocked me was the character of John Mylong. I fully agree with the other reviews here. This movie is such a fantastic calamity of 20 years of the best super hero entertainment there is. Thinking about the film, I can't really grasp how the producer released this. Many nice produced characters from different story lines are working together in a true excellent symphony.

8) We think that you will fall in love in Mermaids of Tiburon movie. Cheers.