Watch Tragic Ceremony 1972 full movie

  • Title: Tragic Ceremony
  • Release year: 1972
  • Director: Riccardo Freda
  • Actors: Camille Keaton, Tony Isbert, Máximo Valverde, Luigi Pistilli, Luciana Paluzzi, José Calvo, Giovanni Petrucci, Irina Demick, Paul Muller, Beni Deus, Riccardo Freda
  • Movie length: 82 min.
  • Movie genres: Horror

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Just my opinion. This movie is just a nice for one time watch. It could have been a great film but they ruined it with the archaic picture.

If you are looking for some exciting film of genre Horror then get congratulations because you have found one of the best of them all! And there are no doubts that the nice enjoyment with Tragic Ceremony will not and could not leave you indifferent or some other things like this! Here you will find the most well-known actors of 1972 who act their roles so cool. There are so many amazing plans in Tragic Ceremony that will make you laugh and cry. What we can say with 100% confidence – you will love this film and will not feel the running time 82 minutes.

I give the Tragic Ceremony picture my highest vote. It's a must-see for anyone with just a little interest in the film. This picture ends more bravely than it started, with a final fifteen min that will frighten and intimidate you 100%.

We think that you 100% will enjoy this flick. It is just my imho.

This movie is a truly funny movie with much of superior action.

Tragic Ceremony will be very exciting for all real lovers of Horror genre. It is so nice and so impressive and all the stuff here looks very excellent. On this site you will find great acting of your beloved celebrities like Camille Keaton, Luciana Paluzzi, Paul Muller, Máximo Valverde, José Calvo who are 100% pro and surely know the class in acting. Yes, some minutes are a little bit too long and boring and that is why the running time of the action in 82 mins. But it is the problem of director of the , nor the actors. So, if you like to see some average a little bit long action of year 1972 then Tragic Ceremony is right before you!

One of the most uninteresting actions in the world, Tragic Ceremony is before you now! This movie is from year 1972 and it would not bring you pleasurable moments at all. Running time of the boring movie is 82 mins with not interesting acting of not bad actors like Camille Keaton, Luciana Paluzzi, Paul Muller, Máximo Valverde, José Calvo. The director was not good at all too, some scenes are very long and some are very short. We can tell our opinion that this is the worst of actions of Horror genre in the world!

Decent directing, authentic acting, and absolutely worth checking! Fun and humorous and original. Not the exceptional story line or acting, but enjoyable in its own right. If you are searching for good action and violence, this picture delivers with ease.

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