Watch Cops 1922 movie

  • Title: Cops
  • Release year: 1922
  • Director:
  • Actors: Joe Roberts, Buster Keaton, Edward F. Cline, Virginia Fox
  • Movie length: 18 min.
  • Movie genres: Family; Comedy; Short

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The is one flick I'd definitely recommend to fans with middle school aged kids. It's not overly cheesy or foolish in my personal opinion. The cast is great too, Buster Keaton is superb for the role, very believable and decent for the personality. Do you really like to watch actions in Short niche? If your answer is positive then you should should not be against to start spending tons of really great time with Cops, the greatest film of the niche in 1922. Buster Keaton in the main role here looks so great and the acting of other actors like: Buster Keaton, Joe Roberts is very great too. The film duration is: 18 m. We are absolutely sure and can tell without any hesitations that u will like all things that take place here. This film was the top in 1922. Great sound, superior special effects. Have ideas? Post them in our comment. You must sign in.

Become impressed during so cool pastime with this so good action, Cops. It would impress you so much and you would understand that it is one of the best of all films of year 1922 in Comedy niche. There is a so convincing acting of very well-known actors like Edward F. Cline, Virginia Fox, Buster Keaton. So, if you really like to watch Comedy films then just don't miss an opportunity of spending 18 mins with Cops. We think that you would become impressed during watching it. Cops movie is a really cool movie, that filled with much of fast action. We can tell without doubts that the flick of 1922 and with duration of 18 mins would be added by you to your favorite video collection and that you would watch it again and again after watching it now. Believe us that you are a very lucky person because now you came to the best database, the place where you could find the Comedy action that you would fall in love with! Cops is made by suitable people who know what is what in making cool films and Edward F. Cline, Virginia Fox, Buster Keaton here acting so cool and on right place. We think that you 100% will enjoy this movie. It is just my IMHO.