Watch A Foreign Affair 1948 movie

  • Title: A Foreign Affair
  • Release year: 1948
  • Movie genres: Comedy; Drama; Romance
  • Director: Billy Wilder
  • Actors: Jean Arthur, Marlene Dietrich, John Lund, Millard Mitchell, Peter von Zerneck, Stanley Prager, William Murphy, Raymond Bond, Boyd Davis, Robert Malcolm, Billy Wilder
  • Movie length: 116 min.

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I was stunned to see a lot of weak opinions, so many people are really impossible to entertain. This film was 116 min long but completely captivating, and I love how the producers weren't scared to be risky. I've read many other opinions that insist that there's no plot. Unless you're psychologically blocked or not following because you're on your smartphone the entire film, the storyline is totally understandable, and decent in my opinion. A Foreign Affair is one of the worth of all tapes in Comedy genre that I have ever watched and I just do not wish to advise it to anyone! Of course, if u have 116 minutes of free time and haven't got any imagination about what to do then u could seeing the action, but not in other cases. This is the full of actors who are playing in the film their not the best roles: Jean Arthur, Robert Malcolm, John Lund, Boyd Davis, Millard Mitchell. So, I think it is one of the most uninteresting of all Comedy tapes in the year 1948. And so only if u haven't got any idea about how to spend free evening then watch it. A Foreign Affair flick provides decent and good made adventure, though, it is hardly innovative. Waiting? Go and start watching A Foreign Affair film right now. Don't hesitate to bookmark this film.

The movie is not only a cool romantic and fast film, but it is destined to be a top.

Movie time is 116 mins. Movie is created in Romance flow, made in late 1948.

What do you imagine why A Foreign Affair from Romance niche got such low mark from us? Because it is the very average and it is impossible to find many outstanding things to watch in it. So, only if you have got a lot of boring free time and want to waste 116 minutes of it then this movie of year 1948 is your opportunity to spend it in a little bit more delightful way. But in our humble opinion, the acting of Peter von Zerneck in main role and talented Peter von Zerneck, Raymond Bond, Marlene Dietrich, John Lund in other roles is not impressive and believable at all.

Hey! Still waiting? We know that you 100% will get pleasure from this action.