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  • Title: Mall Girls
  • Release year: 2009
  • Movie genres: Drama
  • Director:
  • Actors: Dominika Gwit, Anna Karczmarczyk, Dagmara Krasowska, Magdalena Ciurzynska
  • Movie length: 77 min.

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This film is a truly fun film with much of world-class action.

Mall Girls Drama movie was made in 2009. Magdalena Ciurzynska, Anna Karczmarczyk, Dominika Gwit, Dagmara Krasowska have made this movie so great to see. Just my imho.

You will certainly like Mall Girls if you like films of this category. This is one of the most wonderful movies in the Drama category and you will get a lot of fantastic emotions during watching. Magdalena Ciurzynska, Anna Karczmarczyk, Dominika Gwit, Dagmara Krasowska are acting so wonderful here and some moments of the film are really fantastic. Mall Girls is one of the most anticipated films of 2009. Acting of Magdalena Ciurzynska, Anna Karczmarczyk, Dominika Gwit, Dagmara Krasowska is making this movie even more phenomenal. Duration: 77 minutes. Get tons of pleasure from watching Mall Girls picture.

A lot of fun, drama and movement. Just watch it highly refreshing. My best Drama flick. I really liked this picture and I dont care about what anyone else think about this "Mall Girls" picture because I love it so much!

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