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  • Title: Mother of Mine
  • Release year: 1926
  • Movie genres: Drama
  • Director: Jacques Feyder
  • Actors: Jean Forest, Rolla Norman, Françoise Rosay, Cécile Guyon, Alice Tissot, Charles Barrois, Victor Vina, Andrée Canti, Hubert Daix, Sylviane de Castillo, Jacques Feyder
  • Movie length: 113 min.

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If you are a fan of a Drama films then just get congratulations cause it is one of the greatest films ever in this category. The action Mother of Mine of 1926 year. Such wonderful actors like Jacques Feyder, Andrée Canti, Françoise Rosay, Sylviane de Castillo, Cécile Guyon are acting wonderful and sometimes when you forget that it is film and start perceive it like a real world. Of course, some moments are too long and dialogs are sometimes a little bit boring too and that is why the running time of the film is 113 minutes. Watch Mother of Mine now and we thing you will love it. Yeah, this movie line will gonna boom your mind in pieces. If you have got free 113 minutes of your life and have not got any idea how to spend them then you probably could check up Mother of Mine that is not interesting film in Drama genre of year 1926. Maybe some moments of the film would even be quite interesting for u but the film with not nice acting of Jacques Feyder, Andrée Canti, Françoise Rosay, Sylviane de Castillo, Cécile Guyon is not cool, if telling the truth. So, if you are interested, you are able watch it but IMHO, there are some more interesting things to do in free time of yours. Still waiting? Go and begin watching this film right now. Don't hesitate to like this page.

You found right film to watch right now. Here we collect free urls to enjoy Mother of Mine. I am going to keep this brief: Mother of Mine rocks! If I need to add just 1 thing that really impressed me was the character of Alice Tissot. I absolutely agree with the other movie opinions here. This film is such a hottest calamity of 3 years of the best superhero entertainment there is. Thinking about the film, I can't really understand how the director pulled this off. Huge number greatly produced characters from various story lines are acting together in a true movie symphony. Believe us that you are a lucky person because now you visited right place, the place where you could find the Drama action that you would like so much! Mother of Mine is made by right people who know what is what in making impressive films and Alice Tissot, Andrée Canti, Françoise Rosay, Charles Barrois, Jean Forest here acting so cool and on right place. We can tell for sure that the action of 1926 and with length of 113 m would be added to your favorite collection and that you would watch it some more times after examining it for the first time. Hope that you 100% will take pleasure in this movie. :) Tweet this movie and share.