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  • Title: Shikar
  • Release year: 1968
  • Director: Atma Ram
  • Actors: Asha Parekh, Dharmendra, Sanjeev Kumar, Rehman, Helen, Bela Bose, Johnny Walker, Mridula Rani, Lata Sinha, Shyam Kumar, Atma Ram
  • Movie length: 90 min.
  • Movie genres:

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One of the most uninteresting films of all times and peoples, Shikar is before you right now! This action is from year 1968 and it would not make you impressed at all. Running time of the boring action is 90 min with not catchy acting of quite good actors like Shyam Kumar, Mridula Rani. The director is not good too, some parts are very long and some are very short. In our opinion that this is the worst of films of genre in the whole Universe! You got good movie to see now. Here we gather free links to watch Shikar. If u are searching for some interesting action of genre then get congratulations because u have found one of the best of them all! And there are no hesitations that the amazing enjoyment with Shikar would not and could not leave u indifferent or something of this kind! Here u would find the most well-known actors of 1968 who act their roles so cool. There are a lot of amazing episodes in Shikar that would make u laugh and cry. What we want to tell without any hesitations – u would like this action and would not feel the duration 90 min. Overall this is a great flick for fans of Shyam Kumar. It starts pretty fast, slows up a bit in the middle. Action is satisfying although I really didn't like some parts redundant use of still scenes that was another proof why I docked another point but besides that it was enjoyable. Shikar I loved really and found it to be straightforward to follow. :) I know that you 100% will fall in love in Shikar film. Cheers.

Shikar film is a really cool movie, filled with lots of fantastic action.

Are you bored with repetitive free time? Interested in spending a lot of great time watching some exciting movie? Then you could listen to our piece of advice and get pleasure with watching Shikar. The movie is showing you interesting and so attention grabbing story that would not leave you disappointed. You would drown into the world of feelings, emotions and passions. We are sure that you would like this movie so much and Shikar would become your favorite movie in the niche too. Actors: Bela Bose, Lata Sinha. Duration: 90 min.

This is one film I'd surely suggest to people with late school aged children. It's not super cheesy or bad in my personal opinion. The cast is good too, Bela Bose is good for the role, very impressive and fitting for the personality.

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