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  • Title: The Junk Food Experiment
  • Release year: 2019
  • Director:
  • Actors: Peter Andre, Nadine Dorries, Tessa Sanderson, Hayley Tamaddon, Hugo Taylor, Shaun Wallace
  • Movie length: 60 min.
  • Movie genres: Reality-TV

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The Junk Food Experiment will demonstrate you so interesting and cool story with nice acting of famous actors like: Peter Andre, Hayley Tamaddon, Shaun Wallace, Hugo Taylor, Nadine Dorries. Could be that it is one of the most wonderful films of Reality-TV genre that you should not be against of checking up or you risk losing tons of great positive emotions! Duration of the action is 60 m and you start feeling what people in the action are feeling, start thinking the way they think, start living their life during this unforgettable time!

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Why was the picture bad? Imho it's a very fair picture, it was not stupid, there were fun minutes in story, its quality is actually cool. I liked it!

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The Junk Food Experiment will show you an interesting and so pleasing story with acting of very famous and best actors like: Nadine Dorries, Hayley Tamaddon, Hugo Taylor, Peter Andre. And you would like to watch the film because it is one of the best films in Reality-TV category. Acting of Nadine Dorries makes it so unordinary and amazing. For sure, The Junk Food Experiment is the best film of 2019. Running time: 60. We can tell without doubts that you would get tons of delight from nice pastime with The Junk Food Experiment.

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