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  • Title: Dutch Wife in the Desert
  • Release year: 1967
  • Director: Atsushi Yamatoya
  • Actors: Miki Watari, Yuichi Minato, Shôhei Yamamoto, Masayoshi Nogami, Noriko Tatsumi, Mari Nagisa, Akaji Maro, Taka Ă”kubo, Hatsuo Yamatani, Atsushi Yamatoya
  • Movie length: 85 min.
  • Movie genres: Crime; Drama

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It's a great flick especially for fans of Miki Watari, Mari Nagisa. Amazing 3d effects, very well written, wonderful production, and great acted. The opinions I have been reading and seeing on YouTube are so cheap that I had to go watch for myself. I would rate this picture as 7 out of ten. I've got what I predicted. I was pleasantly surprised! There are tons of exciting movies in Crime category that were released in 1967 but we can tell for sure that Dutch Wife in the Desert is one of the best of them all! And you should just see all stuff that take place and wait for you to be watched in the action and there are no hesitations that you would not stay disappointed or somethings like that. Running time of Dutch Wife in the Desert is 85 m. Such wonderful actors like Miki Watari, Mari Nagisa are starring here and their acting is amazing. The director definitely made right choice with Miki Watari that is the actor of the main role of the action and makes it looks unordinary and nice. Have any thoughts? Submit them in our comment box. You should sign in.