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  • Title: Naya Daur
  • Release year: 1957
  • Director: B.R. Chopra
  • Actors: Dilip Kumar, Vyjayanthimala, Ajit, Chand Usmani, Jeevan, Nasir Hussain, Manmohan Krishna, Leela Chitnis, S.N. Banerjee, Pratima Devi, B.R. Chopra
  • Movie length: 173 min.
  • Movie genres: Musical; Drama; Family

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Naya Daur film was released in 1957 and it belongs to Family category. Famous stars as Dilip Kumar, Nasir Hussain make this Family film so great. So, Naya Daur is one of the greatest film in Family category in 1957. Such actors like Dilip Kumar, Nasir Hussain made this marvelous film even greater. Movie running time: 173 mins.

The is one film I'd easily suggest to fans with late school aged kids. It's not super cheesy or dull in my own opinion. The script is nice too, Dilip Kumar is ok for the role, very believable and suitable for this character.

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